Welcome to millerjs.org. This site is to serve as my general purpose blogging platform for opening describing various projects I am either currently working on or thinking about doing. Compared to other sites I run (e.g. ljck.org) this is not intended as a documentation portal, but a more free form repository for what I'm interested in and spending my free time on. It will contain some work related subjects and information, but this is only because my professional work and personal interests heavily overlap. I'll go ahead and state that all opinions and content written here are my own, and not those of my employer.

Quick Facts!

  • Who? John Miller // john@millerjs.org
  • Where? Bangor, ME
  • Education? Appalachian State University // 2013 // BS Geography, Concentration in GIS
  • Work? Esri // Product Engineer, ArcGIS Enterprise (Linux)

General interests and topics you'll probably see here over time:

  • Computing:
    • Hardware, software, operating systems, tinkering, etc.
  • GIS
    • Web GIS, enterprise GIS infrastructure, data management, spatial analysis, cartography, field data collection, etc.
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
    • Mapping, photography, modding/hacking
  • Electronics
    • IoT, Embedded development, robotics, etc.
  • Amateur Radio
    • Homebrew gear, antennas, digital modes
  • General day-to-day blogging stuff
    • Cats, travel, etc.